Preparation for the Coming of Messiah

Sharon Doran
Thursday, September 20, 2012, 9:40 PM

Tonight’s lecture is a “must see” as Sharon gives us the Biblical basis for the perpetual virginity of Mary as well as for her Immaculate Conception. Drawing from both Old and New Testament scripture, Sharon shows us how Mary was filled with grace from the moment of her conception and remained sinless throughout her entire life. We also learn that through the power of the Holy Spirit, Mary becomes Theotokos, God-Bearer, and is the Ark of the New Covenant. Like the Ark of the Old Covenant, Mary is not meant to be touched, and she remains perpetually virgin. But wait! There’s more! Sharon also reveals to us the amazing fulfillment of Old Testament Messianic Prophecies through the birth of John the Baptist. You won’t want to miss this foundational lecture.



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