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View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM357 - How to setup your environment to create HTML5 and AIR apps in only 45 minutes
Come to see how to quickly set up your development environment for HTML5 and/or AIR apps. See also how to use our samples on GitHub, sign your app, deploy it…
Demian Borba 2/6/2013 5609 views
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM303 - Everything you need to know about using simulators: BlackBerry 10 and Ripple
Want to get your apps ready for BlackBerry® 10 and don’t have a test device? Join this session to learn more about Simulator tools for BlackBerry 10 and see…
Matthew Whiteman, Ken Wallis 2/6/2013 274 views
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM385 - Success stories: Pop Corny and FlyCraft
Two games, two cases of success by the same indie developer. Until a few months ago, he had never developed for BlackBerry or owned one. Given the great…
Luca Filigheddu, Charilaos… 2/6/2013 156 views
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM345 - Data Storage Web and Native
Nearly all apps need to store data. Learn how to to do this from a web perspective using a combination of various technologies such as local storage, indexDB,…
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM378 - BlackBerry 10 SDK Roadmap
January 30th is not the end for BlackBerry 10. It’s the beginning. Come see what we have in store for the future of BlackBerry 10.
Markus Landin, Matthew Whiteman,… 2/6/2013 293 views
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM330 - Web Frameworks: Sencha Touch 2
Learn what the Sencha Touch 2 can offer for your application. We'll discuss the basic building blocks of Sencha Touch applications and then take a closer look…
Elena Morgan, Adam Stanley 2/6/2013 153 views
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM358 - Infinite Lists in Cascades
Infinite scrolling in a listview relying on network data is not a task that should be taken lightly. There are all sorts of conditions to consider not to…
Par Kjellberg, Daniel Rivera 2/7/2013 406 views
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM352 - Talking to Bloggers and Media
There are many opportunities to work with bloggers and social media to get the word out about your applications. Do you know how to take advantage of these…
Lucas Atkins, James Richardson,… 2/5/2013 136 views
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM329 - In-depth look at jQuery mobile
jQuery mobile is a mobile framework from the jQuery Foundation and has grown in popularity in the past year and a half. This session will take an in-depth look…
Ralph Whitbeck, Jason Scott 2/6/2013 206 views
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - JAM311 - Porting: iOS UI Applications
Are you an iOS® app developer interested in porting iOS native applications to BlackBerry® 10? Join this session to learn how to get started with porting apps…
Simon Howard, Suavek Zajac 2/7/2013 230 views

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